My First Offender case was closed but it's still showing up on my background!

When your First Offender case is open, it will show up on your background check. If you First Offender status was revoked and you were convicted, then the conviction will appear permanently on your record. But if you successfully complete your First Offender sentence and the arrest and charges are still on your background, here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the clerk of court for the court where you were sentenced and ask for copies of the final disposition and the order of discharge in your case.
  2. If the order of discharge is already in your file, then ask the clerk to enter in in your official criminal history report.
  3. If the clerk won't do that, mail it with a certified copy of the disposition to GCIC (3121 Panthersville Road in Decatur). Include a copy of your drivers license so they can accurately identify your record.

But what if there's no order of discharge? Call your probation officer and ask him or her to request the order. Speak to the supervisor of the office if your PO is no longer employed there (for example, if the case is from a long time ago).