How can two people be charged with the same offense?

One of the most powerful tools in a prosecutor's toolbox is charging multiple people for the same crime.

The prosecutor can charge you as "party to the crime" if:

  1. Intentionally causing some other person to commit the crime under such circumstances that the other person is not guilty of any crime, either in fact or because of legal incapacity;
  2. intentionally aiding or abetting in the commission of the crime; or
  3. intentionally advising, encouraging, hiring, counseling, or procuring another to commit the crime.

The prosecutor can also charge you as part of a conspiracy to commit the crime if you conspire to commit a crime with others and anyone does an overt act to effect the object of the conspiracy.

Multiple codefendant cases are among the most complex cases to defend. If you've been charged in a conspiracy or as party to the crime, give me a call at 404-909-7795 to talk about your options in mounting a defense.