How do I appeal school discipline?

School discipline is often imposed unfairly and without giving the student an opportunity to investigate the accusations and defend himself. Unfortunately, for "short" suspensions--9 days or fewer--the student is not given any right to appeal.

But if the suspension is longer than 9 days, then the student has the right to a due process hearing. The school and the student each get to make their case to a panel of arbitrators--usually at the school system's main office. 

If the student loses at the due process hearing, he has only 20 days to file a notice of appeal. If not, the punishment imposed stands. This can include suspension, placement in alternative school, or even expulsion.

If the student has an IEP (individualized educational program) then he has greater rights afforded to him.

Appealing school discipline requires quick action--if you wait too long, you lose the right to appeal forever. If your child is in this situation, call me at 678-666-4104 as soon as possible to discuss your options.