Civil Case Roundup, June 2017

We've been busy representing clients in their personal injury matters, negotiating settlements with insurance companies. Here are some recent testimonials about our services:

  • I worked with Ryan on an accident settlement case that happened in 2016. He is very approachable from the start and I was able to reach him as and when required over the phone or email. I never had to meet him in person except for the first time.He is always patient and listens to all your concerns and also lets us know of all the pros and cons in every situation. Would definitely consider him first in future as well. --Arunkumar
  • I had a great experience working with Ryan on my accident case. He was very helpful and went above and beyond to assist with my case, even after normal working hours. I would highly recommend his services. - Brittney

Child Molestation case in Fulton County Juvenile Court dismissed

Because these charges were brought against a juvenile, I can't talk about the details other than to say that the charges were completely dismissed after over a year of negotiation with the prosecutors.

Here's what the client's family had to say:

I will first like to say, Thank you Ryan for your work on my son’s case. My son had been wrongful accused of a crime and Ryan was very helpful in getting the charges against him dismiss. During our initial meeting, Ryan was very upfront about the pros and cons of every situation. He was very detail in his preparation for his case and he kept us abreast of every situation. Overall, my family was highly satisfied with Ryan services and we would recommend him.

Felony drug case in Turner County--Ryan Locke negotiated a probation-only sentence!

Client was driving back to Florida after a weekend in Atlanta and was pulled over for speeding in Turner County. The police searched the car and found a variety of drugs. Although the client was charged with multiple felonies, Ryan Locke negotiated a probation-only sentence under the conditional discharge statute. This means that after the client finishes probation and drug treatment, everything will come off the client's criminal record.

Locke Law Firm halts deportations by appealing criminal convictions!

We've had several clients recently who were going to be deported because of their old criminal convictions for DUI, domestic violence battery, or other similar crimes. In one case in Atkinson County, Ryan Locke reviewed the client's plea transcript and found multiple errors. After telling the prosecutor about the errors, he agreed to reopen the case and then dismiss it. The case has now disappeared from the client's criminal record and he will no longer be deported!

For a second client in Gwinnett County, Ryan Locke persuaded the prosecutor to reopen the case and allow the client to enter a guilty plea to a reduced charge. The client still has a criminal record, but now he won't be deported because of it. This was a last-minute case, but we were able to get his record fixed on Friday and his deportation meeting was Monday. 

One of the most satisfying results for us at the firm is keeping a family together!

DUI conviction from 1999 reopened for immigrant client in Gwinnett Recorder's Court; now he can fight to stay in the United States

Immigrant client pleaded guilty to DUI in 1999 in Gwinnett Recorder's Court after being stopped at a roadblock. He wasn't represented by an attorney and wasn't told about his rights--they told him to sign the paper, pay the fine, and the case will be resolved. But because the client does not have lawful status in the United States, the DUI conviction was preventing him from being able to stay in the US.

Attorney Locke was able to work with the Solicitor General's Office to come up with a creative solution. The prosecutor consented to reopening the case and allowing the client to plead to reckless driving, thereby allowing him to apply for immigration relief.

Animal Cruelty Case Dismissed in DeKalb County

Client was charged with two other people for starving a dog to death in a backyard shed. Extensive investigation confirmed client's account that she was too sick to exert any control over the dog and primarily lived on the second floor of the house. After visiting the house and shed with a private investigator and taking measurements, we determined that Animal Control's entry into the shed was illegal. We filed a motion and waited. The State eventually dismissed all charges.

Case dismissed during Attorney Ryan Locke's cross-examination of complaining witness in Fulton County Magistrate Court

In a rare moment of frustration, the judge stopped my cross-examination of the complaining witness and dismissed all charges against my client. Apparently the judge was sufficiently convicted of my client's innocence after about 20 minutes of hard questioning. Not something you see everyday, but a nice way to end the year!

PRO BONO: Local charter school's contract dispute resolved, saving the school $5,000

A local charter school cancelled its contract with a vendor. The vendor claimed that the cancellation letter was sent to the wrong address and continued to charge the school, eventually accruing $10,000 in bills.

We got involved as the school's pro bono counsel and the vendor reduced the bill by $5,000, charging only what the school actually owed before the cancellation.

Pretrial intervention in Clayton County for felony charges

We've had recent success in Clayton County obtaining pretrial diversion for two clients, one charged with forgery and the other with terroristic threats. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison.

In each case, we negotiated with the prosecutor to reach a resolution through pretrial diversion. Once the clients complete the pretrial diversion classes, the cases will be dismissed and can be expunged off their criminal background record.

Probation in Entering Auto case in Fulton--and record stays clean!

Client was arrested after being seen entering someone's car. Client was high on meth at the time and barely able to remember what happened. We subpoenaed client's medical records from the jail, which showed that he was high on meth and faced a serious drug problem. Once in front of a judge, the prosecutor wanted five years probation with six months to serve in jail. We convinced the judge to sentence client to three years probation--and to run the sentence under the drug first offender law because of his meth addiction. This conviction will be wiped off of client's record after he completes his probation!

Six-Figure Judgment in Thug Landlord Case

Clients moved to a house in Atlanta from Alabama and agreed to pay $700 per month in rent and no security deposit. The next month, the landlord doubled the rent and demanded a security deposit. When the clients refused to pay the double rent, the landlord began a pattern of illegal conduct designed to get my clients to leave the house. The landlord signed fake leases with his thugs and told them to live in the house; he threatened to shoot my clients; he called the police and reported false crimes; and finally, he broke into the house, stole all of my clients' property, and dumped it in a parking lot.

We sued the landlord and won a judgment of about $120,000.

Domestic Violence and Cruelty to Children Dismissed in Fulton

Client was charged with domestic violence battery and cruelty to children when she was attacked by her son. She defended herself, but the police thought because she had no visible wounds that she was the primary aggressor and arrested her.

I immediately started investigation, getting a copy of the police report and pulling everyone's criminal records. Client's was spotless, but her son had been convicted of multiple violent felonies. The prosecutor couldn't be convinced to drop the case, so we went to court and demanded a hearing. Neither the police nor her son showed up to court--perhaps they realized that the truth would come out--and the case was dismissed.

Criminal Trespass in DeKalb

Client was charged with vandalizing a car owned by his ex-girlfriend. Their relationship had been contentious, with both being subject to restraining orders and charged with crimes because of how they acted toward each other.

The prosecutor wanted jail time, but that wasn't an option. After hard negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to a straight probation offer. At sentencing, the judge commented that he was holding his nose when taking this plea and that he would have sentenced my client to prison. Instead, my client walked out of the courtroom, kept his job, and slept that night in his own bed.