Locke Law Firm halts deportations by appealing criminal convictions!

We've had several clients recently who were going to be deported because of their old criminal convictions for DUI, domestic violence battery, or other similar crimes. In one case in Atkinson County, Ryan Locke reviewed the client's plea transcript and found multiple errors. After telling the prosecutor about the errors, he agreed to reopen the case and then dismiss it. The case has now disappeared from the client's criminal record and he will no longer be deported!

For a second client in Gwinnett County, Ryan Locke persuaded the prosecutor to reopen the case and allow the client to enter a guilty plea to a reduced charge. The client still has a criminal record, but now he won't be deported because of it. This was a last-minute case, but we were able to get his record fixed on Friday and his deportation meeting was Monday. 

One of the most satisfying results for us at the firm is keeping a family together!