Ryan has been an amazing and professional lawyer. He helped in a case I had with huge endeavor and dedication and it got solved successfully. I HIGHLY recommend Ryan Locke
— Dave, a client

We help the injured.

Ryan Locke represents people who were injured because defendants ignored the rules, broke laws, acted negligently, and put making money over protecting people. Our clients have been injured in car or truck wrecks, at businesses that failed to keep their premises safe, and because of crime.

What separates Ryan from other personal injury lawyers is his dedication to understanding his clients and his commitment to out-work and out-think the other side. This results in better settlements and verdicts because we understand the full extent of our clients’ injuries and how their lives have been affected. Ryan hustles to explore every avenue of recovery—sometimes he even finds insurance coverage that other lawyers have missed.

Almost all of our injured clients are referred to us by other lawyers or our past clients. We’re proud of this fact because it’s a reflection of our hard work and strong relationships with our clients.

We help the unfairly accused.

Ryan Locke represents people who have been unfairly convicted. Ryan crafts successful appeals by an exhaustive review of the record and a keen eye for good issues. A winning appeal requires a thorough review of the record, strong command of the law, and an eloquent brief. I identify the most persuasive arguments and relentlessly pursue them in drafting our briefs and arguing before state and federal appellate courts.

We help immigrants.

Ryan Locke is the lawyer that other immigration lawyers call when they need to appeal an unfair denial of immigration benefits or to litigate an immigration case in federal court. Ryan appeals immigration cases to the Board of Immigration Appeals, United States District Courts, and the United States Courts of Appeal. Ryan litigates immigration cases in federal court when the government has improperly taken an immigrant into custody or has cased an excessive delay in adjudicating an immigrant’s application, including filing petitions for writs of habeas corpus and writs of mandamus.