Most of our cases are attorney referrals.

Other lawyers refer personal injury cases to us because they know we fight like hell for top dollar in every case--whether it's a death or catastrophic injury case or soft tissue case. (In fact, Ryan's most proud of our soft tissue cases where we turn a below medicals offer into a 5x, 10x, or 20x settlement or verdict.)

Our referral partners trust us to make them look good because:

  • We communicate with the client. Ryan gives all clients his cell phone number and texts with them. When they call, he (usually) picks up. We also use Acuity Scheduling so clients can schedule calls or meetings online and avoid phone tag. Click on that box in the top right to see it.
  • We communicate with our referral partners. Our practice management system links referring lawyers to cases, so we never forget about you, and every month we send you an email updating you about the status of the case. (We also do this for clients so they don't feel forgotten during lulls in the case).
  • We're super efficient. We use lots of technology and systems to work fast and avoid delays. Ryan loves showing this stuff off--schedule lunch and come by the office first.
  • We care about protecting the client's money. If they're getting jerked around on a diminished value claim, we draft a demand for it (and usually don't charge them). We request medical records using our HITECH system, saving the client hundreds or thousands of dollars (read about our system in the HITECH Guide under the resources tab). We always negotiate lien and subrogation interests down. We don't charge bullshit fees to the client for routine postage or copies.
  • We issue prompt payment. When we settle the case or obtain a verdict, we pay you the referral fee with a settlement statement immediately.
  • Ryan is a zealous advocate. Ryan was a public defender before starting this firm--so he knows how to march into court and put up a fight. It doesn't matter if the case is hard or we take a few hits to the mouth; Ryan keeps fighting. We don't dump cases two weeks before the statute runs. We take them to trial and do everything we can to finish in first place.

and perhaps the most important reason

  • Ryan is a lawyer who loves what he does and cares about his clients. But you already knew that, didn't you?



Office: 404-900-5672

Ryan's cell (text him!): 404-909-7795

Great lawyer. Ryan is conscientious and always concerned about what is best for his clients. I highly recommend him.
— Saraliene Durrett, lawyer in Marietta
Earlier this year, I found myself with a civil judgment against an debt collector in Atlanta. Long story short, I ended up hiring Ryan to enforce the judgment since I was not admitted in Georgia. Fast forward a few months later and the judgment is paid-in-full thanks to Ryan’s efforts. Needless to say, I endorse Ryan without reservation.
— Chad Murray, lawyer in Illinois
Ryan is an accomplished attorney with the skills necessary to achieve his clients objectives. I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to Ryan.
— Jarvis Lakemaker, lawyer in Atlanta
Ryan is an intelligent attorney and passionate advocate for his clients. Great guy and great lawyer.
— Alex Susor, lawyer in Decatur