Ryan Locke is intelligent, creative, and a powerful voice for the injured and the accused.

See how he can help you.

I was desperate to find a trustworthy and helpful lawyer I could consult in confidence. As this was the first time I spoke with a lawyer, I didn’t really know what to expect. But I was very fortunate to have been put in touch with Ryan. He is calm, knowledgable, and kind. Ryan took great care in explaining my situation and eased my concerns...He is truly a good guy and I recommend him whole-heartedly.
— Peter, a client


I've represented people accused of crimes, injured victims, nonprofits, immigrants, and small businesses. I've spent hundreds of hours in courts across Georgia.

When you hire me, you know that I have the courage to tackle the toughest cases and the expertise to help you win.


I graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law and was awarded the highest honor for achievement in courtroom advocacy. Now, I teach trial techniques at Emory University as an adjunct professor of law. You can count on me to be on the cutting edge of appellate decisions; to write the best motions and briefs; to prepare the best possible case for you.

Hard Work

I'm determined to help you take control of your situation. I file motions, utilize investigation to locate and interview witnesses, and research the law to stay one step ahead of the government or opposing counsel. Simply put, I work tirelessly and effectively to get you the best result possible in your case.